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Puppy Classes

Our Puppy Classes are fun and enjoyable for all. Teach your puppy new skills and manners in a safe environment. Classes starting...

Training On the Go

Working with you and your dog in real life situations. No standing around in a hall waiting to be shown what to do. You will get one to one time with a trainer as well as training in a group.

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Top Dog provides the very best in dog training services. Ross is the Head Trainer and founder of Top Dog, with over 6 years of dog training experience and a member of the IMDT (Institue of Modern Dog Trainers), he is a Certified Level 3 Dog Trainer. He has helped hundreds of dogs and their owners to have happier lives together.


Top Dog uses Positive Reinforcement Training techniques which allows your dog to have a happy experience when we are training them. We love training dogs so we want to motivate your dog to encourage them to achieve the desired behaviours, after all behind every happy dog is a happy owner.


We provide one to one training sessions where we can come to your home or park. Puppy Classes are fun and enjoyable for you and your pup. They are a fantastic way to socialise your puppy and teaching them the obedience they need. training on the go and more.


We are very flexible to meet your needs  and guarantee a positive experience for you and your dog!



Want to know more about our services? Please check out our top dog training , Puppy Classes , Pack WalksPet Edits , Results and find out where we operate. We're looking forward to serving you! 


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Pet Edits

A variety of different styles our clients have enjoyed. Head on over to our Pet Edit page for more details