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Does your dog jump on the bed?

My dog sleeps on the bed, so what.


I typically don't mind if my dog chooses to sleep on my bed. In my family my 2 Germanshpherds will try between them to get onto my bed while I'm asleep. I've always allowed this with each of the dogs I've been lucky enough to have been in my life and I also don't condone those who do too.

There are trainers who will read this as blasphemy and will oppose any thought of allowing dogs to sleep on human's bed. Most but not all will fall into the category of the old-fashioned way of training and often believe in the dominance stuff, that has been disregarded by behavioural scientists. Your dog sleeping on your bed isn't trying to control you or take over your house, they just want to be close to you and comfortable while they sleep.

So I'm here to say it's ok if your dog sleeps on your bed.

What to Feed Your Dog

Is your dog a fussy eater?


Out of all the senses that is already working at your dog's birth in addition to touch and smell is taste. In fact a dog's sense of taste isn't that great. We humans have around 9,000 taste buds on our tongues, compared to dogs who have an estimated 1,700 taste buds on their tongues.

We all know that dogs have a great sense of smell, so if you have a 'fussy eater' on your hands, then it's thought the smellier the food the better. To dogs they get a lot of information through sniffing, so when it comes to food the import factors are:

1) Smell

2) Texture

3) Taste

Taste is the last in the important list when it comes to food for a dog. Dog food companies like to tell you how tasty their food is (maybe they tried it) they even colour co-ordinate some of the kibble too (red meat and green for veg). When in fact none of this matters to your dog. They only care about how much it smells and how it feels in their mouth when they are eating it.

So owners who say their dog is fussy may have to look at other contributing factots, like feeding their dog titbits and leftovers.

You can stick to your normal dog kibble (look on the packet to make sure it is healthy for your dog) but soak it in warm water. This will make the food smellier and soften some of the biscuit too. If your dog does not eat it after 15 minutes of putting it down, take it up. The next time food goes down for your dog is at their next meal. This teaches your dog what they're getting fed and when they're getting fed.

How can I stop my dog from...

As soon as someone finds out your a dog trainer, this is the first thing you hear.

I always get asked this even when I'm not working, but I now realise that as dog trainer you are always working. There's always someone at a party who has a dog that does something wierd and they want to know the solution to the problem. I intern always ask them they same question back:


In my professional opinion not enough people think about this when their dog does something they disagree with. They always think about the problem and how to stop the problem and that's it. But I would like to know what it is they want their dog to do instead of the unwanted behaviour. Yes they want their dog to stop barking, yes they want their dog to stop jumping up and yes I want their dog to stop humping my leg. But what do they want their dog to do instead? Ok so now your dog has stopped barking, now what? They're looking up at you also thinking the same thing. 'Now what do you want me to do?' The behaviour is also dependant on the stimulus causing the behaviour, so if your dog is jumping up we need to look at why your dog is jumping up. The most common reason is for attention and we know how to stop this, ignore them. If its attention they want then they will get it when they're not jumping up for it. When they have all four paws on the floor they will get, food, cuddles, toys, whatever floats they're boat they will get so they understand all four paws on the floor equals good stuff. So thats how to stop the behaviour,  but what behaviour would I prefer instead of the jumping up? Maybe I'd prefer a sit? So everytime my dog comes to me they sit. Or maybe I want them to go to their bed when a visitor comes to the house, instead of them jumping up at them. What ever the problem is I will look at what I want them to do instead and promote THAT behaviour! This way the Positive behaviour will happen more often than the Negative behaviour

Give it ago.