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Crate Hire

Our dog crate hire service is great for those who want to house train their dog, or for those who need a crate for a short period of time.


Most people who buy dog crates only use them for a short period of time until their dog stops toileting in the house. Then they are stuck with a dog crate they no longer need and will never use again. With our crate hire service not only will you SAVE MONEY, but also you will not have to be stuck with a crate you no longer need.

We will set the crate up for you and show you the best way to introduce your dog to it. Our crates come in a variety of sizes to cater for the size of your dog.



Sizes 1-4 days 5-7 days 8-13 days 14 - 25 days 26 days plus
Small £5 p/d £3 p/d £2 p/d £1 p/d £o.50 p/d
Medium £6 p/d £4 p/d £3 p/d £2 p/d £1 p/d
Large/ XL £7 p/d £5 p/d £4 p/d £2 p/d £1 p/d

There will be a £20 deposit incase of damage or loss of the crate.


Please note:

Crates must be cleaned upon return

We do not provide bedding, food or water bowls.


Covering areas up to:









For areas further than the above, delivery charges will be applied (to and from destination). The delivery charges must be paid up front.



Call us today on 07724497502 to hire your crate today