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Top Dog Classes

Top Dog offer a range of classes for you and your dog to enjoy and we cater to meet your needs. We make the classses fun and enjoyable so learning is even easier. Below are the classes Top Dog are offering for 2015:


Puppy Training Classes - taking puppies from 12 weeks old up to 9 months old. This is a great class for beginners and those who have never owned a dog before. We run the puppy classes as a 6 week course, where each week you and your puppy will learn something new. For more details please take a look at our Puppy Training page.


Total Recall - this is the perfect class to teach your dog recall. Getting your dog to come back when called can be one of the hardest things to teach your dog. But don't worry, by teaching your dog through games makes it a fun way to get your dog to come back. Dates TBC.


Private Classes - taking dogs of all ages. Private Classes are great for those who want private training in their own home. If you have 1 or more friends who also need their dogs trained, then this fun option maybe the perfect training solution for you. Your dog and your friend's dogs can all be trained together and recieve a Top Dog Certificate.




£10 per class/per dog


Contact us now to book your space! Tel: 07724 497502