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Top Dog Training

Dog Training - Providing Fast, Effective and Long Lasting Results!


By assessing your dog's behavioural problems and understanding the cause, we can help solve the annoying issues that will take your dog from a hell raising terror, to the perfect pooche you've always wanted.


Top Dog's behaviour programme is tailor made to help you and your dog come to a positive and happy  solution.


We give you the 'Tools' to keep a happy and well balanced dog


All dogs have the potential to be a balanced dog and it often starts with teaching the owners on how to do this and prevent any issues re-occuring.

During our one to one sessions, once we've achieved the desired behaviour from your dog we will teach you step by step on how YOU can do this too. This will ensure you have a full understanding and control of your dog and by making it fun it will keep lasting results!

Helping dogs with:

Aggressive issues

Possesive issues

Fears and Phobias






Lead frustration and more...

It doesn't matter how small or large the problem is we can help. Call us now on 07724497502


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Accredited through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers